Your words are so needed

I'm so glad you are here and interested in being an intricate part of the Natural Wanderer Retreat.  As I have been watching and being a part of your community, I found that you have helped to provide me with a place of belonging and acceptance.  I believe there are so many other creative women out there searching for a way to find meaningful connections within their business as well.  As part of the 'Dream Team' of speakers for the 2018 Natural Wanderer Retreat, you would have the opportunity to further spread your story, words of encouragement, and compassion for those running a small business. 

The Natural Wanderer retreat itself is being planned for 8 attendees who consider themselves introverted creative women business owners.  As an introvert myself, I find conferences to be full of valuable information and many opportunities to network and hear from experts in the creative industry.  They are full of potential, but also for an introvert, they are full of overwhelm.  When coming home from a conference, often my new, helpful materials sit collecting dust on my desk for a very long time.  I know I need to implement all of these new techniques and mindsets, yet it's difficult because I am unsure of where to start.  As an introvert, I would have enjoyed gathering and hearing about these business topics in a smaller setting, making it easier for me to make some genuine connections.  

The Natural Wanderer Retreat will cater to those who would like the same information but in a more intimate place of belonging.  It will focus on the attendees as their whole person, on their self-confidence and acceptance, as well as one important business skill.  By the time attendees leave, they will have gained new friendships, have gotten to know people that they admire (that's you!), and will have learned to navigate one important business concept and implement it so that they leave knowing and having the skills to continue to building this aspect of their business.

One main characteristic that I see in the speakers that will take part in the retreat (again, one of them, I hope, will be you!) is that you all have a passion for celebrating others as they are.  This is very powerful, as we often find ourselves, as business owners, trying to become something that might stray from who we really are as a person.  Maybe you have felt this.  Maybe you are feeling this right now.  Either way, your courage to share the good and the difficult moments of small business ownership make you stick out from the rest.  You have a message that is important and valuable.  How would you like to personally give that message to a small group of women?  How would you like to speak to their hearts and make a positive impression on their souls, like I know you will.

The Natural wanderer Retreat

The 2018 Natural Wanderer Retreat is set to take place from July 29th - Aug. 3rd in Colorado in a relaxing, calm, and intimate environment (exact location in Colorado to be determined).

* The exact end date of the retreat might be a day or two before or after Aug. 3rd depending on the final itinerary.  The start date will remain July 29th.

Let's chat and talk about more details of the retreat.  Let's talk about feeding the souls of our fellow creative business women together and helping them leave more confident in their abilities and in themselves.  We can go over the tentative itinerary, talk about how much you and the attendees will be loved, and about spreading the word about the Natural Wanderer Retreat to find those who feel called to be a part of it.  I can't wait to hear from you.  Let me know your thoughts by clicking the statement below and sending me a note either way.

let's get to know you more

Whether or not you would like to be a part of the Natural Wanderer Retreat as a speaker, I still love you and the message you are putting out into the world.  I will continue to support you and be a part of your community. I would like to help spread your business message and heart.  If you would like to be featured on the Natural Wanderer blog through an online interview, please let me know so that I am able to get the questionnaire to you and collect a lovely head shot to accompany your interview.  We'd love to have you.