Soul Talk Wisdom & Free Stuff: Self-love

Self-love.  How do you define this?  What does sit look like to you?  Its actual definition is:

regard for one's own well-being and happiness

Often times we are attending to the well-being and happiness of others: friends, family, significant others, children, pets, and so many more.  Do you ever feel like you should give yourself the same love and affection?  Does your own well-being and happiness appear on a daily basis for you?  It is difficult to sometimes put ourselves first, especially in a world where it is praised to always put others first and the thought of setting aside time for self-love would be considered selfish.  On the contrary, it is not selfish.  Rather, it is necessary in order for you to give your best self to others in the firsts place.

Self-Love discussion happening Jan. 23rd - sign up for more details and surprises!

When I was in grad school for Counseling, one of the topics that was emphasized beyond the care for your clients was also the care for yourself.  It is easy to become burned out when putting all of your time and energy into people and things without doing the same for yourself.  This doesn't even have to take very much of your time.  When was the last time that you spent even five minutes to yourself practicing self-love?  What would it look like for you?

If you are not sure where to start, or if you are stuck in feeling guilty or selfish for giving yourself the time, there are ways to explore what this might look like for you.  For example, have you heard of The Five Love Languages?  I very much like to show my husband and others that I love them and what they mean to me by writing them notes.  After reading the book about Love Languages, I realized that I do this because this is also how I would like to receive love.  We give the kind of love that we would like to receive.  Now why would I not do this for myself?  Why not write myself a note about what I appreciate and what I admire?  Seriously, why not?  We catch minds in negative repeat wheels too often, especially as business owners, and it is so important to really connect to who you are every once in a while.


For those of you who have been stuck in a world that lacks self-love, I would like to give you the permission you might need to hear to just do it.  I am teaming up with Jamie-Lynn Weeks from the Mindful Manipura to have a discussion on how we practice self-love both for our own well-being and in  our creative businesses.  I have not always been so conscious of how I treat myself, but the last few months have been very eye-opening for me in learning to love who I am more.  You can have this too.  You can have self-love and you deserve self-love.  Jamie-Lynn and myself would love to hear from you and see you at the self-love discussion.  Even beyond your creative business, how lovely would it be to learn about ways to start your day with a little hug to yourself.

Sign up for the self-love discussion here.  Invite your friends, invite your clients, invite the women in your life who you admire and that you know are always serving others.  It's time to set aside time for yourself and give yourself permission to just be.  In all 35 years of my life, I think that this has been, and is still, one of the most important, because when you love yourself you start to gain confidence in your ideas and thoughts, you start to foster authentic relationships, and you are better able to love others.  Join us on Jan 23rd for the self-love discussion and sign up for more information today.  


Meet Jamie-Lynn from the Mindful Manipura:

Jamie-Lynn is the owner of Mindful Manipura. She is passionate about pursuing a life of wellness & encouraging others along their own journey of self-exploration and discovery through the use of tools like astrology, tarot readings, and essential oils. She lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with her two fur baby guinea pigs, Homer and Porter.

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