Master of Words & Intention - Ashley Beaudin - Natural Wanderer Retreat Speaker

If you have not heard of The Imperfect Bosses yet, you are in for a movement that will change the way that you see the world, especially within your business.  I actually first met Ashley while I was taking Allyn's From Struggle to Shine class.  Ashley was one of the guest speakers to talk to us about how to write our About Me page on our websites.  She was instantly captivating and had this presence of unconditional positive regard for you and whatever place you were at with your business. 

As I continued to get to know Ashley and her way with words, it was evident that she was meant to bring people together in a positive way; this is evident in her creation of the movements #imperfectbosses and #thetruthrebellion on Instagram.  I find her to be a friend to any person who comes her way, as well as a strong supportive woman.  In her goal of creating a movement for women to love themselves, even in their imperfections, she is joining together women from all over the world to celebrate who they truly are, instead of some perfectly curated images on social media (which we all know is usually far from the truth).  When I had talked in my lost post about finding your people, one of the groups that helped me to 'find my people' was in The Imperfect Bosses group.

Ashley Beaudin Natural Wanderer Retreat Imperfect Bosses Creative Retreat

For years, literally years, I was trying to make sure that I was making myself into someone that wasn't actually me.  I remember starting out in my photography business with lots of curiosity and bravery in way that I approached my sessions.  We would have fun and explore the area for the perfect shot, trying new angles and practicing with various lighting situations.  It wasn't until I started to see what was available for creative education that I found myself starting to be afraid that I wasn't doing something the right way or that I wasn't making the best business decisions because I didn't do it like so-and-so.  I yearned to do well and grow my business, but in trying to do what everyone else was doing,  I lost myself.

It was interesting because I knew that I didn't feel like myself and part of me knows that when we are education ourselves on new techniques and practices, that we don't have to soak it all in.  We can gather the information and mold it into what we would like for what works best for us, however, this is the time in my life when I was feeling lost.  Thus, the Universe led me to Allyn, which led me to Ashley.  Her group and her positive energy were just what I  needed to get myself started in learning more about how we are more alike than not.  We do not have to be perfect to be successful. In fact, if we always tried to be perfect, would we actually get anything done (probably not, especially me).

I asked Ashley to be a speaker at the Natural Wanderer Retreat because of the influence she has on others to really become the best at what they do and who they are.  She is a catalyst for change and is able to have those honest business conversations, to help you look deeper into why you are doing things and guides you to come out of your shell and be vulnerable.  That is how we make connections, by being vulnerable and knowing that those around us will still be there anyways.

If you already know of Ashley, or maybe you are interested in getting to know her now, we would love for you to be a part of the retreat.  When I talk about these speakers, this isn't just going to be the talking at you, in  fact it won't be like that at all.  Instead, it will be more of a conversation, a group of women together to talk over how to be more YOU in your business and your life, because these two things are so connected.  The more you love who you are, the more you will excel in  your business with your new confidence and self-worth.  These are the things that Ashley is able to bring to you.  If you are unsure, see for yourself.  Join us over at The Imperfect Bosses Facebook page or you can keep up with the movement on Instagram at The Imperfect Bosses.

We are so excited to have her as part of the retreat and are humbled to be able to host her in Colorado.  Sound interesting?  Sounds like a good person to get to know, ya know, in person?  Please feel free to reach out so that we can connect and get you set up as an attendee.  It's going to be an in-person  experience you won't forget.