Soul Talk Interview: Chantelle Davis-Gray


let's meet...

Name: Chantelle Davis-Gray

Creative Industry that you are in: Web & Brand Design

Years in Business: 3+

Favorite Food: eggplant parm

Favorite Color: black

Favorite Drink: Chai latte

Best music (singer or group): P!nk & Michael Franti

A pet peeve you have: People chewing loudly

Name something that brings you joy: My wife

In 3 words, how would a friend describe you?  thoughtful, creative, loving

to the heart talk...

If you had to choose an animal to represent you, which would you choose and why?

I'd pick the elephant. When I was thinking of starting my own business I saw them *everywhere*! Elephants symbolize strength, stability, tenacity -- all things important to running a business. The elephant also represents to sensitivity, connectedness, femininity, and loyal to the circle they gather — all me!

What is the passion behind your business? We know all businesses have heart behind them, but in what ways does your business give you purpose?

I love supporting big-hearted women running their own businesses - especially those that are using their gifts to help people heal or feel good in their lives. I learn about their business dreams and help bring them to life with beautiful, impactful branding & web design. I realized a few years ago that as much as I love talking/reading about food, wellness + self development, I don't actually want to BE the one teaching those things. My passion is supporting the people that do. My work enables them to be able to reach more of their own clients, who then touch their friends & family - and the ripple effect gets huge!

How do you measure your own success? When will you know when you have "made it"?

I measure success in a few ways. First, my mental wellbeing – if I'm super stressed and not taking care of myself because I'm too time-consumed in my business, then I don't feel successful. I left the corporate design world because the stress was affecting my health, so that's my priority. Another way is in how my clients feel about the work I'm doing for them -- it lights me up when they're thrilled! And I do have financial goals that I aim for too.

As an introvert in the creative industry, what has been the most difficult for you in growing your business? Have you made any adjustments to work through this difficulty?

Going to networking meetings has been the hardest! There have been times where I push myself to go, and I bring a friend or two that also have their own businesses. If I end up feeling alone and awkward I can feel comfortable joining a conversation they're having.

What do you excel in as an introvert owning a business? When did you realize that this is a strength in your business?

I work very well on my own. And I love one-to-one & small group conversations. Both work really well as an introvert running a business. I realized these were helpful a few months into it!

What have you learned about yourself in this business process so far? What goals do you have for your personal growth in the next 5 years?

So much! They say running your own business is the best self development course you can do! I've learned that I work very well without a "boss" – I'm self-motivated and driven. I'm getting better at doing very uncomfortable things. It can be scary to put myself out there, but I do it, and it makes me proud when I do. And sometimes I get great response, and sometimes I get nothing – and I've learned that I'm resilient enough to keep going either way. With a coach & my love's help, I'm learning how to celebrate the small wins (I used keep my eyes on the future and ignore the present successes.) Another big thing I've learned is how important it is for me to listen to my gut — about collaborations, clients & coaches. And I've gotten really good at setting & holding boundaries with clients – which has started to help me with boundaries in my personal life too. In the next few years, I'd like to develop a consistent meditation practice, because I feel so much better when I meditate! It helps my intuition, it helps keep me grounded, and gives my mind blank space for new ideas to appear.

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Facebook: Chantelle Davis-Gray

Instagram: @chantelledavisgray