Committing to your own well-being

How do you commit to your own well-being?  Have you ever truly sat down to find out what you stand for, what you will defend and be an example for in your own life?  Chances are, you may have thought about what you value and care about in your life, but maybe the digging deeper into what drives you as a creative person living in some sort-of faith (and I'm not just talking about religion) may have not be thought of.  What do you commit your life to doing and being?

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My husband and I were recently on a trip to Italy to celebrate a cousin's wedding.  We decided to add some extra time in Italy before and after the wedding to spend some time together and explore one country that we hold dear to our hearts.  On our trip, there was numerous travel days, no internet access on my phone, so I was finally able to catch up on some light reading.  This past year I discovered the magazine Spirituality and Health and it had originally caught my eye because at the start of the year I had vowed to grow and learn more about myself and develop into the person that I desired to be.  However, there were and are still parts of me that I have yet to understand.  My faith and spirituality is one of them.  

There was an article in the March/April issue of the magazine that I ripped out after reading, it was titled "Create a Living Faith."  It was a short article, but I think what had caught my eye was that it was written by a lady in the perspective of being an aspiring nun.  I have always been fascinated with those who devote themselves to their faith and religion.  It seems like such a commitment to something that you trust is there but you may not really 'know.'  As I read, it came to me that we all innately have some kind of this faith in ourselves.  There is something within us that helps us to push forward when we are unsure and encourages us to try things that make us step out of our comfort zone.  In a way, this is what we value, it is what we stand for.  

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One question in the article caught my attention, "How committed are you to being well?"  This wasn't just referring to eating healthy and getting enough exercise, but it was based off of this idea that to be well, we need to understand what it is about ourselves that we will undeniably stand for.  What is that one thing that defines who we are and that all of our moral decisions are wrapped around.  

This, coupled with the thought that to figure this our we need to be mindful, is ultimately a reflection on how committed we are to ourselves.  I know that I always say, "yes, I will get up early in the morning and write some morning pages, but I never do.  I value creativity and fostering a sense of wonder for myself and others, but how committed to it am I, really, when even my husband doesn't believe that I will get up early enough to do these things and make a routine.  How does saying that we don't have enough time or that we are willing to adjust our schedules to plan in for mindfulness do us any good?  

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What is something that you stand so strongly for that you can't afford to push off to the side anymore?  In my Master's counseling degree program we were always taught the importance of self-care and how if we want to lead a life of helping others, how can we do that if we aren't even willing to take care of ourselves?  In the article, it suggested to take five minutes, just a mere five minutes of silence daily.  That may increase in time, or it may not, but either way, what would be be like to have five minutes to calm our mind and hearts daily?  What could we accomplish in those five minutes that would help us to lead a better, more mindful life?  

Let's try this together.  For the next week, let's each vow to take five minutes to center our minds and explore truly what we are committed to in our lives.  What do we stand for, and what will bring worth, meaning, and well being into our lives?  Pick a time of day that you will commit to five minutes of YOU TIME.  This path to self-discovery was never  meant to be easy or short, it was made to be ever-changing and challenging.  Five minutes.  That's all I am asking.  Follow on Instagram stories for The Natural Wanderer on how the five minutes of daily time is going, and share with us what you begin to discover on your own journey to mindfulness.