Soul Talk Interview: Taylor Lee

The Natural Wanderer introverted creative retreat business woman

let's meet...

Name: Taylor Lee

Creative Industry that you are in: Art

Years in Business: 1 year

Favorite Food: Curly fries!

Favorite Color: This is a hard question for an artist. Teal is probably my favorite.

Favorite Drink: Perrier - I'm so addicted to sparkling water.

Best music (singer or group): I love so many musicians, but someone I can consistently adore is Hayley Williams.

A pet peeve you have: Talking to someone while I have hiccups. Or listening to someone with hiccups.

Name something that brings you joy: My pug, Frida. She brings me joy daily!

In 3 words, how would a friend describe you?  Honest. Creative. Driven.

to the heart talk...

If you had to choose an animal to represent you, which would you choose and why?

I have a tattoo of a cardinal. Not only are we both red-heads, but cardinals have a sense of pride about them. Sometimes this is a weakness for me.

What is the passion behind your business? We know all businesses have heart behind them, but in what ways does your business give you purpose?

I create abstract paintings for people who feel pain. These paintings give them validation so they know they are not alone. I do this because I know this pain, and I don't want anyone to keep it buried. The purpose of my business is to express the reality of pain, but to ultimately help others heal from it.

How do you measure your own success? When will you know when you have "made it"?

I define success as affecting others in a positive way. I feel successful every time someone tells me that my art inspired them or showed them that they aren't alone.

As an introvert in the creative industry, what has been the most difficult for you in growing your business? Have you made any adjustments to work through this difficulty?

Networking! I am good at networking online, but I still struggle to do this naturally in person. I'm working to make sure that I don't avoid it, though, so I go out of my way to set myself up for in person events. They may feel uncomfortable at first, but I know that it will help me grow.

What do you excel in as an introvert owning a business? When did you realize that this is a strength in your business?

As an introvert I can spend ours (even days) alone and focused on business-related things. For instance, staying in a hotel room to work through my online business course or to tweak my website's SEO. That has been really helpful for getting things done!

Can you talk about a time you felt out-of-place? What thoughts went through your mind and what was the outcome of the situation?

I feel out of place a lot. I was recently at a conference for creative entrepreneurs, and it felt like everyone was an extrovert. There was an after-party and I skipped it because I did not want to end up feeling weird and lonely. Maybe I should've pushed myself to go anyway! Afterwards I did feel like I had missed out on a good time because I got in my own way.

What have you learned about yourself in this business process so far? What goals do you have for your personal growth in the next 5 years?

I've learned that although I CAN do something, that doesn't mean that I SHOULD do it. I've had moments when I've been so excited that I've had way too many projects happening at once and I fell behind on commitments. One of my goals for personal growth in the next five years is to FOCUS on what and who is important.

What tip would you give other introverted creatives who are looking to make meaningful connections with others? (Ya know, beyond the small talk) :)

Be a good listener, and don't be afraid to share some of yourself. Introverts hold back so much, and i've found that in order to make meaningful connections with others you really have to give! You have to give a listening ear, and give parts of your story that resonate with others. Sharing truly is essential.

What is one pieces of advice that you would give creatives in how to find purpose and balance in their life and business? How has this advice played out in your own life and business?

Always think about the question behind the question. Why are you doing this? Why is it important? This has been so important to me. I used to think that my passion is painting, but it is not. My passion is healing from pain, and painting HELPS with that. There is always something beneath that is deeper and stronger. This awareness has certainly strengthened the purpose of my business and my overall happiness.

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