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When: Sun., July 29 - Wed., August 1 - 2018
Where: Breckenridge, Colorado USA

It's some point in every person's creative business we wonder:


Am I on the right track?  Am I doing this right?  Am I making an impact? 

We often wander through our businesses, not knowing what to do or how to do it, feeling alone in our journey toward our dreams, especially as quiet introverts.  Lucky for you, you are in the right place, and you are welcomed with open arms.  The Natural Wanderer is here to reassure you that these feelings are normal and necessary in the process of building your business with purpose and meaning.  Even more so, we want you to know that you are not alone in these feelings.  You are seen and you are heard.  Welcome to a place that fosters self-awareness, confidence, and education through experiences that help introverted creative business women reflect and renew their business journey - together.


We hear your voice, we hear your heart, and we hear your dreams coming alive.

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Have you ever felt lost in a big, loud world? 

Are your ideas and dreams looking to be heard because you know that they will serve people for the good? 

Is the reason you went into a creative business to share your skills and talents with others to impact your community? 

Do you yearn to learn more about business skills but get overwhelmed when all the things are thrown at you at once? 

Where do you even begin? 
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The Natural Wanderer Retreat will be an experience that will focus on self-acceptance and worth in your business: balancing life and business together.  It will also teach you valuable skills on gaining confidence to be YOU when sharing your gifts to the world and will also teach you how to reach out to your target audience via Instagram.

The retreat will help you:

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What you can expect at the retreat:

Natural Wanderer Retreat What to Expect

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Who you can expect to meet at the retreat (and believe us, they are people you probably want to hug in real life):

You will be learning all of these things at the retreat by our experts.  Read about our guest speakers, all of whom are heart-centered creative women whose mission it is to serve others by celebrating who you are, as you are.  Get excited, because you are about to be personally encouraged by some amazing women!

Stacy Carosa Natural Wanderer Retreat Creative Women
Connect with Stacy on the Natural Wanderer website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ashley Beaudin Natural Wanderer Retreat Speaker
Connect with Ashley on The Imperfect Boss website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Allyn Lewis Natural Wanderer Retreat Speaker Creative Women
Connect with Allyn on the Hit the Gem website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Natural Wanderer Retreat Creative Women Attendee

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Benefits of being an attendee at the retreat:

Natural Wanderer Retreat Creative Women Benefits

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Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

And all the details

Breckenridge, CO
Imagine yourself among the mountains together with new friends and incredible speakers to lift of your heart and build in your confidence.

Imagine yourself among the mountains together with new friends and incredible speakers to lift of your heart and build in your confidence.

Check out the house we will be staying in!  Together, with our new friends, we will gather in Breckenridge, Colorado to talk about our businesses in an honest and heart-felt way, creating a safe place to be you and reflect that in your business.

What is included in your registration for the Natural Wanderer Retreat:

  1.   Private Facebook group for all of the attendees and speakers to meet and connect before the retreat.  
  2.   Lodging for the duration of the retreat at a house shared by attendees and host.
  3.   All meals provided expect for dinner on Tuesday, July 31st, when we will eat out in Breckenridge.
  4.   Flash drive with materials from the guest speaker sessions.
  5.   Optional yoga in the mornings to calm the mind and prepare for the day.
  6.   Swag bag with surprise items from our sponsors.
  7.   Intimate retreat setting with some of your most loved creative influencers.
  8.   One-on-one time with two of the speakers to ask them any questions you have about your business and where your heart is leading you.
  9.   30 minute follow-up phone call a month after the retreat to check in on progress and implementation of new strategies.
  10.   Gorgeous scenery in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
  11.   Optional Add-on Day bonuses: morning hike in Breckenridge, journal/planning/yoga in the mountains, learning and creating flat-lays for your Instagram feed, time to work and implement what you have learned into your business, additional time to spent with guest speakers, a branding photoshoot for you valued at $300.
We will literally be staying in a quiet neighborhood just next to the ski slopes.  Beautiful area and nice quiet setting for you to relax and have a meaningful experience.
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    Registration Early Bird pricing will begin on Monday, Feb. 5th and go through Saturday, March 31st!  Get on our mailing list to be the first to know about other big surprises for our attendees!


    Registration for the Natural Wanderer Retreat will start on Monday, Feb. 5th and will end on  Saturday, March 31st.  After March 31st, regular pricing will take effect.  If this experience is speaking to you, on Feb. 5th, fill out an application form, where you will get to give us a little information about you and your payment preferences, so that we can connect with you on your retreat package and create a client portal.  We hope you join, because this retreat wouldn't be the same without you.

    Still curious about the itinerary and session topics?  We don't want to hold anything back from you.  Check out the tentative itinerary, with the Wed., Aug. 1st Add-On day activities included!


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    Early Bird pricing will go from Monday, Feb 5th until Sunday, March 11th.  Don't miss out on the great discount!
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