The Natural Wanderer

"Not all who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien

Welcome to a place of belonging, friend.  This is a place for the quiet dreamers, the big idea makers, and those who sometimes feel lost in the creative business world.  But you are not lost, only wandering around in a place of discovery, searching for ways to live and work purposefully.  This space if for the soulful creative women who are quietly observing and reflecting on how to best serve others and seeking for meaningful connections.  If you have ever felt a little out-of-place, like a misfit in your creative industry, or overwhelmed in the journey of owning a business, please know, you have come upon YOUR place.  You are valued, you matter, and you are important.  Stay a while, let's get to know each other, and together we will grow in courage, our own self-acceptance, and confidence.

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The mission


Who are the Natural Wanderers? We are the quiet dreamers who are building meaningful connections with ourselves and one another to learn and grow. Our mission...

The community


Learn about our community of creatives and be a part of something extraordinary for yourself. We welcome you with open arms and hugs full of understanding and love.

The retreat


Retreat for introverted creative business women: July 29-July 31, 2018 in Colorado.  Join us in learning how to confidently share your voice and your talents with the world.

Values of the natural wanderers

self-awareness - meaningful experiences - skill development - implementation - mindfulness - courage - strong connections - self-acceptance

The Natural Wanderer is here for creative women who identify as introverted and who have a strong desire to create purpose in their work and lives.  This movement was founded on the idea of bringing together those who have big ideas but are often the careful listeners and compassionate givers.  This space is for women in the creative industry that have ever felt like a misfit, for those who have big meaningful ideas, and who are looking for ways to learn business strategies in a manageable time frame while learning to accept and be proud of the journey.